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  • Go Regulator Single Stage PR-1 Series

    The PR-1 Series is a versatile pressure reducing regulator designed to fulfill a wide range of needs in instrumentation sample systems and other applications such as semiconductor processing gases. Many features of the PR-1 make it ideal for a wide range of applications controlling pressures at low to moderate flows in gas or liquid service. 316L body material is used to facilitate welded connections. Stainless steel caps and adjusting screws prevent atmospheric corrosion and maintain appearance. Enhanced internal body surface finish of better than 25 Ra plus electropolishing allows easier cleaning and potentially less particle contamination in the flow stream.

    Five different seat materials, three alternate orifice sizes and seven pressure control ranges with stainless diaphragms offer the user a wide spectrum of capabilities for pressure control with inlet pressures up to 6000 psig and standard operating temperatures up to 500º F (260º C).

    Features & Specifications

    • Gas or liquid service
    • 316L stainless steel, Inconel®, Teflon®, and Tefzel® (or optional main seat material choice) only in flow stream
    • Stainless steel cap with SS adjusting screw
    • Inlet pressures of up to 6000 psi
    • Adjustable outlet pressure ranges of 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, 0 - 250, 0 - 500 and 0 - 750 psig
    • Operating temperatures of - 40º F up to +500º F (-40º C up to +260º C)
    • Bubble-tight shutoff under most conditions
    • Cv flow coefficients 0.025, 0.06, 0.20, and 0.50 (0.06 standard)

  • Go Regulator Single Stage PR-2 Series

    The PR-2 Series are compact, brass body regulators designed for maximum flexibility in many classes of instrumentation service. Specifically designed for gas applications, this regulator is capable of accepting high pressures directly from cylinders and other high pressure, non-corrosive systems. It is ideally suited for carrier gas pressure regulation, and is economical enough to use in low pressure air systems, such as instrument cabinet air purge service.

    Features & Specifications

    • Gas or liquid service
    • Brass (alloy 360) construction
    • Stainless steel diaphragm with Teflon® lining
    • Stainless steel poppet
    • Bubble-tight shutoff
    • Outlet pressure ranges 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, 0 - 250, 0 - 500 and 0 - 750 psig
    • Operating temperatures -40° F to +175° F (-40° C to +80° C)
    • Inlet and outlet connection 1/4" FNPT
    • Cv flow coefficients: 0.025, 0.06, 0.20, and 0.5 (0.06 standard)

  • Go Regulator Single Stage PR-5-Series

    The PR-5 Series pressure regulator is designed for service at high flows with good sensitivity and regulation. While the design was originated for gas systems, this valve is perfectly suitable for liquid systems that are compatible with the materials of construction. The PR-5 also performs well with jest a few liters per minute of flow.

    This series is a variation of the time proven PR-1 Series which has been used for many applications in systems requiring stainless steel construction. The exact package size of the PR-1 has been retained making it convenient for the user to interchange these units if better control at high flow rates is required.

    Features & Specifications

    • High flow capability in compact size
    • Minimum droop with large flow increases
    • Bubble-tight shutoff
    • Stainless steel cap & adjusting screw provided with stainless steel unit
    • Materials of construction: stainless steel, brass, Teflon®, Viton®, Kalrez®, Buna N, or EPR
    • 20 micron inlet filter
    • Operating temperatures up to +400º F (+204º C)
    • Ideal for line regulator applications
    • Teflon®/Viton® diaphragm standard up to 50 psig
    • Inlet pressure 300 psig
    • Adjustable outlet ranges 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, & 0 - 250 psig
    • Cv flow coefficient 0.20

  • Go Regulator Single Stage PR-7-Series

    The PR-7 Series has been designed for those applications using high gas flow rates while still requiring a compact package. In addition, this unit will handle hydrogen flows up to 1000 liters per minute with none of the resonance problems typical with many regulators attempting such an application.

    While designed for gas flow applications with low inlet pressures and low differential pressures, this valve has been constructed to withstand inlet pressures up to 3600 psig. With capability of holding outlet pressures closely with large changes of flow requirements, this valve is very suitable as a primary pressure supply to other pressure regulators located downstream.

    Features & Specifications

    • Minimal droop with large flow increased
    • No resonance with large hydrogen flows
    • Stainless steel diaphragm
    • 316L stainless steel or brass construction (optional Hastelloy®, Monel®, or chrome-plated brass)
    • T-handle adjusting assembly for easier adjustment in the 250 and 500 psig ranges
    • Material of construction: brass, stainless steel, Viton®, Teflon®, PEEK™, or Kalrez®
    • Stainless steel cap
    • Cv flow coefficient = 1.1 (full Cv with 1/2" ported unit only)
    • Operating temperatures up to +250° F (+121° C)
    • Maximum inlet pressure of 3600 psig with PEEK™ seat
    • Inlet/outlet connections: 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" FNPT
    • Outlet pressure ranges of: 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, 0 - 250 & 0 - 500 psig

  • Go Pressure Reducing Regulator LG-1 Series

    The LG-1 is an ultra-miniature pressure regulator that has many of the same features found in the time-tested design of the CPR-1 & PR-1 Series pressure regulators. Designed for surface, panel or manifold mounting, the LG-1 offers the utmost in versatility to the systems designer. It’s low internal volume of less than 2.7cc makes the LG-1 the perfect choice for systems that require rapid purge cycles. Standard features permit using this regulator in a wide variety of services, including corrosive fluids. The LG-1 can be tailored to virtually any application by utilizing the optional features. All of this is attainable while achieving as low as 0.2% accuracy during supply pressure fluctuations. This regulator is designed to allow the construction of compact and sophisticated analytical instrumentation where the optimum in pressure control is required and space is at a premium.


    • Gas or liquid service
    • 316L stainless steel construction
    • Internal volume is less than 2.7cc
    • Electropolished body with better than 25 Ra finish in diaphragm cavity
    • 20 micron inlet filter
    • Bubble-tight shutoff
    • Outlet pressure ranges are 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, 0 - 250 and 0 - 500 psig
    • Cv flow coefficient 0.025 or 0.06
    • Option: surface mount (for manifolds)

  • Go Regulator PR-50 Series

    The PR-50 series pressure regulator is designed to meet the demands for outlet pressures up to 3000 psig while maintaining superior corrosion protection.
    For reliability in operation, this precision regulator features a stainless steel body (optional brass) which provides maximum corrosion resistance and safety. The optional self-relieving feature provides an additional level in operational ease, as it allows for trapped downstream pressure to be safely vented to atmosphere through the bonnet. To prolong regular life, this unit is supplied with an integral inlet filter which protects the seat against any foreign contamination introduced by the upstream supply.

    Features & Specifications

    • Gas or liquid service
    • Inlet pressure to 6000 psig
    • Outlet pressure ranges 0 - 500, 0 - 1000, and 0 - 2000 psig
    • 316L stainless steel or brass (alloy 360) construction
    • 20 micron inlet filter
    • Bubble-tight shutoff
    • Diaphragm material standard stainless steel, nylon or Teflon®
    • Flow coefficients (Cv) of 0.025, 0.06, and 0.20

  • Go Regulator CPR-1 Series

    The CPR-1 Series is a compact pressure regulator with most of the same interanl desigm features employed in our time proven PR-1 Series. This regulator was designed to provide optimum performance as a "lecture bottel" regulator" for pressure control in any application where a small size and low internal volume are required. The low volume allows more rapid purging in analytical instrumentaion and semiconductor doping gas applications.

    Features & Specifications

    • Internal dead volume less than 4cc
    • Gas or liquid service
    • Inlet pressures of up to 6000 psi
    • Adjustable outlet pressure ranges of 0 - 10, 0 - 25, 0 - 50, 0 - 100, 0 - 250, 0 - 500 and 0 - 750 psig
    • Operating temperatures of - 40º F up to +500º F (-40º C up to +260º C)
    • Bubble-tight shutoff
    • Cv flow coefficients 0.025, 0.06, and 0.20

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