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  • 4100 Series Hoke Packless Valve Display Image

    With its compact size suitable for confined spaces, the 4100 Series design includes an internal volume of only 0.08 cubic inches. Brass and 316 stainless steel bodies are available. Operating pressures range from 0 - 600 psig (brass) and 0-1000 psig (stainless steel). 316 stainless steel operating temperature ratings range from -40° to +600° F (-40° to +316° C), while the brass operating temperature range is -40° to +300° F (-40° to +149° C) depending on whether a hard or soft seat is selected.

  • Hoke 4200 Series Bellows Sealed Valve

    With its wide operating temperature range of -320° to 1200° F (-196° to +649° C), the 4200 Series meets the demands of many critical fluid control conditions. Operating pressure range is 0-2000 psig. Applications include high temperature liquid metals, cryogenic service, and gas analysis.

  • Hoke 4500 Series Bellows Sealed valve

    This miniature valve can be manually or remotely operated. Operating temperatures range from -20° to +250° F (-29° to +120° C), while operating pressures range from high vacuum to 300 psig. Available in brass and Monel® this valve can be used as a stop valve in a calibrated leak tester, and in labs where leak-tight service is necessary.

  • Hoke Packless Valve DV1 Series Manual

    The DV1 Series Diaphragm Valves are totally free of springs, bellows, packing, o-rings and lubricants in the process wetted area. Metal-to-metal seals to atmosphere ensure that there is no transport of undesirable elements into the flow stream, and no escaping of process material into the atmosphere. ElgiloyR diaphragms ensure the utmost in corrosion resistance and extend overall valve life.

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